Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Firsts

Tonight will be Gracie's first night with a babysitter. Cue the "hallelujah" chorus behind me!
I love this little girl, but I love her daddy as well. And I am pretty excited for a dinner out with just him.

So to ease the blow for her, I made her a new shirt.
I don't think she sees this as a fair exchange. 
But I just love this heart print knit. I bought it to make infinity scarves for my shop, which sold out faster than I could sew them, so I guess others must have loved the print too! I had enough of a scrap left, which was destined to be a comfy new tee for my little miss. The cuffs and the collar I cut from an old ribbed tank.
I'm not sure what it is about a chunky toddler in a soft and cozy tee. But its pretty irresistible!
Maybe its the big belly? The chubby little baby hands? Mmmm. Just makes me want to snuggle her up.
Which I think I will get back to, because she will probably appreciate that more than a new shirt. ;)

Have a great weekend all! 
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