Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Sewing Room Reveal

I am not pregnant.

I'm sorry. I just needed to disclaim that before we go any further. My old sewing room was in one of our spare bedrooms. So when I mentioned that I was "moving", I got a lot of nosy curious friends (totally kidding, love you guys!!!!) wondering if we needed that room for baby #2. We don't. Not yet. I suppose we will, eventually (EVENTUALLY people!) and so it was a nice bonus for the move. But not the real reason! Ok, moving on. :)

My old sewing room was unorganized, with little storage, and misused furniture. It was always a disaster. I felt like I never got anything done because I just sat in there stressed by the mess. I wish I had a before picture to share with you. You might believe me. It was that bad.

So anyway, I think my sweet, patient husband had finally had enough of the mess and kindly suggested that we create a more usable space for me. We luckily had an empty space off our master bedroom in our house. It was meant to be a sitting room I think, but we really aren't sitting room it had been empty since we moved in. But with a little handy work from hubby, and it's mine, all mine, all mine!

So without further new sewing room!
Greg made the built in shelf & desk for me out of wood and premade kitchen cabinets from Lowes. Perfect space for my machines and various supplies.
I use 2 tension rods between the shelf and the wall for some easy hanging storage for all those little dresses I churn out.
The other side of the room has an old dresser for more storage, and my cutting table. 
My cutting table for now is a simple folding table, but considering I miss my cutting mat and cut into the table about 90% of the time, a folding table is just fine!
The dresser I bought at a yard sale 10 years ago {wow, am I that old?} for $7. It's perfect for extra storage and for displaying a few things on top.
This box on the cutting table is where I keep all my patterns. I organize them in file folders by size & garment. (It doesn't look all that organized from this picture! Ha...I promise it is. Kind of.)
And that is about all folks. I still have a few touches I'd like to a "Little Pink Peony" sign somewhere...and maybe a new ironing board cover? {Ewww, I know. Please don't judge me!} 
But for now, I'll deem my little room just about perfect. If only peonies were in bloom instead of hydrangeas... ;)
Thanks for letting me share my space with you all!