Monday, July 13, 2009

Just because I think they're pretty...

Going along with our veggie garden, I decided to spruce up our front porch (which as you can see, really needed some sprucing up) with flowers. Not as delicious as the green beans, but much prettier.

Our little garden

If you ask my mom, she will assuredly tell you that I did not inherit the fabulous green thumb of either my parents. My mom creates beautiful flower gardens every year, they are seriously incredible. My dad has a huge vegetable garden every year, and ends up with more tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins then he knows what to do with. Me however? I kill house plants. Hearty, impossible-to-kill house plants. But, there may just be hope for me yet!

In April, Greg and I were bored on Sunday afternoon and decided to buy some seeds at the hardware store and try our luck with a little garden. At that point, we weren't sure where we'd end up living, so we just planted them in a little plant tray. When we moved to Manchester, we dug a little spot in the backyard, transplanted our little seedlings, and hoped for the best. As you can see, we didn't do so bad. I "harvested" 27 green beans last Thursday!

What a month!

I realized a couple things today...1, that I haven't posted in a while. 2, that a lot has happened in the last month! First things first, Greg's job offered him a position in Manchester, New Hampshire, and it kind of made the most sense, so we decided to give it a whirl. The following all happened as a result...

1. I quit my job with the Y of 8 years, without having a new one yet.
2. Had my first job interview, almost ever. (My last interview was for a camp counselor when I was 19!)
3. We moved to New Hampshire.
4. Officially graduated from college...finally. :)
5. Was offered aforementioned job (only 7 days after my last day at the Y, and only 2 days after I finished my last class.) I'm now an Auditor with Plodzik & Sanderson, an Auditing firm in Concord.

I am amazed at how everything worked out so well. Needless to say, Greg and I are settled in to our temporary teeny apartment, and having fun house hunting. There is a prospect in the works, so more on that when the time comes. :) I love the new job and other than that, we're just loving life exploring what our new state has to offer. We joked when we decided to move down here that "Who knows, we might even like it!" And so far, we do!