Thursday, December 9, 2010

A houndstooth dress for Bristol

One of my best friends, Amanda, has a beautiful little girl named Bristol. Bristol turned one back in late October, so I decided to make her a dress she could wear around Christmas time. Given my newfound love of houndstooth, I used a thick fabric in the print. And added that cute little black scottie dog. 

Now that it's Christmastime, A & B had a fashion show, and she was so sweet to send me the pics! 
 (Isn't Bristol the sweetest little girl you've ever seen? And doesn't her Momma take the best photos?)
I found a super soft and super cute knit red fabric with lighter polka dots on it, which I made the sleeves of the dress & the leggings.
And what girly outfit would be complete without a matching bow? Made very simply with hot glue, ribbon & a matching homemade fabric covered button.

a stylish dress for a very stylish baby!


michelle said...

OMGOSH that is adorable!!!! You did an amazing job!! What a perfect Christmas outfit!!!

Hope you are doing well!!!

Abellina said...

D - you seriously make me sick! You are too good!! I seriously think you could start a business with all these projects you do!

Amanda said...

I LOVE it! Thank you!