Saturday, January 15, 2011

American Girl Knock-Offs

If you have or have ever been a girl under nine, you must have heard about the American Girl Dolls. I think the whole idea is great. I had one of the dolls as a little girl, and it was a very cherished present of mine. My Mom packed mine up with all of her accessories, and saved it all these years. I somehow ended up with the trunk of goodies here at my house. Which came in handy. (More on that later.) I love that little girls are still enjoying these great dolls!

My sweet niece Alexa and I spent some quality time during our Thanksgiving visit together with the American Girl Doll website. She was showing me which outfits she wanted for her doll for Christmas. You can also get matching doll and girl outfits. It's all very cute.

This is what she picked out. Zebra! (She's a spunky one.)

Now as much as I love the American Girl organization their prices are a bit over my budget. So why not make my own?
So I did.
With soft, cozy corduroy...great for cold days.
And satiny purple ribbon..

My very own AG Doll came in handy for the photo shoot. She, who was affectionately named "Chuckie" by my husband, got her own homemade leggings. 
 Lexa got a $4.99 pair from target. God Bless Target. Amen.

(Please ignore that "Chuckie's" zebra stripes are vertical...
I refused to buy more fabric so had to use the scraps I had left.)
A girl & her doll...a perfect pair.


Amanda said...

I LOVE IT! Great job! :)

gwyneth colleen said...

omg...great job! did she super love it? i bet she did! you did great.