Monday, August 22, 2011

2 weeks and counting

Today is my little lady's 2 week birthday. Where does the time go?
Being a new parent is a funny thing I think. For nine months (or your whole life, if you're like me) you spend thinking about what your new baby will look like, smell like, act like, what her little personality will develop into. And then she's suddenly here.
And her daddy and I wonder what we ever did with ourselves before we knew her.
She's as sweet as pie, an expert snuggler, a serious eater, and a not so serious sleeper. I can already notice that her little cheeks are getting a little chunkier. Her newborn onesies are getting a little snugger.
And I can't help but be a little sad. Every parent wants their child to grow and thrive...and I am so thankful and blessed to have a healthy child. But knowing that she'll never be this tiny & small again breaks my heart a little. Is that weird? Does this make me a crazy Mama?
It does make me wish I had a photographic memory. I know that before I know it, she'll be running around the house, talking my ear off, getting ready for her first day of school.
But for now, I just stare at her tiny little toes & fingers & every little wrinkle and roll...
And hope that I don't forget a moment of her precious newborn stage.


lizad81 said...

The day we brought Ella home I sat on the couch and cried for an hour because she would "never be that little again" I know exactly that feeling!

Sarita said...

May I suggest getting her a baby calendar or keeping a journal?? Zach and I would jot down a little note that pertained to something Stella almost everyday for her first year. It still makes me smile every time I flip through that calendar =)

Kaleena said...

What a beautiful post Danielle...It's wonderful!

michelle said...

OH MY GOSH where have I been!!! Congrats to you and your hubby!!!!! She is just beautiful and these photos are so precious. I hope that all is going good, which it sounds like it is and yes, enjoy it all because it does go by too fast.

Kristina said...

Well, crap, I'm crying at my desk. These days are so precious. I can't wait to meet Gracie!