Tuesday, October 25, 2011

baby sweater dress

I was looking through Gracie's closet the other day and realized that she doesn't have any fall dresses. A little girl without dresses is like a day without chocolate. (What? Everyone doesn't eat chocolate every day?) So during that glorious thing we call naptime, I got to work.

I pulled out this old sweater from my closet. It's probably ten years old. (Wow, how did I get old enough to have clothes that old in my closet?) Anyway, the orange-y color is perfect for fall, the sweater-y softness is perfect for my little baby.
 I followed Ashley's tutorial at one of my favorite blogs, make it and love it to recreate the sweater to a pint sized sweater dress for my little lady. I only used the old sweater and a short strand of elastic..basically free!
 I love how the neckline (which is cinched with elastic) looks all ruffly. So girly. So cute!
And I love how soft and cozy it is!
The perfect dress to wear with these super cute bloomers that my mom sent down for Miss G...
Pop over to make it and love it to learn how to make your own!


Kristina said...

Oh my lord you are too much! I LOVE it, and the pictures of Gracie are sooooo cute!!

michelle said...

That is so cute and she is so lucky to have such a creative mommy. :)
I hope things are going well for you, she is adorable!!

Debbie C. said...

that outfit on Gracie is adorable. You are sew talented. Love the diaper cover, how cute is that.