Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweater & pattern refashions

Even though we are approaching spring here in PA, it's still chilly enough for cozy sweaters. Gracie needed a few warmer clothes to get her through till the warm weather shows up, since she of course basically outgrew everything in her closet over night. So I whipped her up this little cutie:
I love a good refashion. I mean, who doesn't? It's free. I like free. So I went "shopping" in my own closet and found a turtleneck sweater that I never wore anymore. It never really fit all that great to begin with so I was happy to chop it up!
Using my "lil blue boo sienna dress" pattern, I took that worn out sweater and turned it into this little sweater.
I think it's sometimes overlooked that you can take a pattern and alter it just slightly to fit what you desire. Here I shortened the dress pattern and cut the sides straight down instead of angled out. It was a super simple adjustment and I didn't have to buy a whole new pattern. I guess you could call it refashioning a pattern to refashion a sweater? A confusing way to say, use whatcha got!
I used the bottom hem of the sweater and sleeves when cutting out the pattern, and used a portion of the neck from the original sweater. This saves so much time and keeps your refashioned sweater looking much more professional.
And to avoid hearing "Oh, how old is your little boy" one more time in the grocery store, I added a little bow with a strip of sweater. 
Since I have used the sienna dress pattern so many times, I was able to whip up this little sweater during Gracie's nap time AND have time leftover to waste with a diet coke and Pinterest. Win! 
Have a great day everyone!


Amanda said...

I LOVE it! Great idea about using the Siena pattern. :)

Kristina said...

This is so so cute Dani!