Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pillow love

Do you have any idea how much a ring bearer pillow costs these days? For anything remotely interesting, it's upwards of $60! Absurd, I know. And clearly I am not willing to pay a dime for something that I think I can do myself. So I whipped up this little cutie this weekend for a total cost of about $3.

Ruffles, as delicious and intricate that they appear, are super easy to make. There are a hundred tutorials about how to do them, so I'll assume you all know how to Google & be brief. But basically you sew a single stitch down a long piece of fabric. Then, holding one end of the thread (only the top stitch side, not both) you scrunch down the fabric.

I whipped up 5 rows of ruffles & pinned them onto my pillow fabric.

Then, sew your ruffles on. I love little details, so I decided to use contrasting thread (navy thread, pink fabric) This made it nearly impossible to sew them on with the machine without two lines of thread showing; so I sewed mine on by hand. If you use the same color thread as the fabric, I think machine sewing would look fine. Then, just sew together, stuff, done. I also tacked a ribbon on the top of mine, you tie those ever important fake rings to. (2 year olds should never be in charge of fine jewelry.)
My cutie pitutie nephew-to-be Brycie will be carrying this down the aisle...lets hope he's feeling in touch with his feminine side that day!

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Amanda said...

Um LOVE THIS! :) So crafty :)