Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uprooting & Downsizing

So here we are again! I have been a negligent blogger. I've been a teensy bit busy planning that whole wedding thing...getting married (most beautiful day, um, EVER. recap on that to follow)...going on a fabulous honeymoon, and most recently, packing up our 6 month old (to us) home.

We're headed to Hershey, Pennsylvania. I've never been there, but people tell me that it's nice & smells like chocolate. How bad can a place be that produces 1 million pounds of chocolate a DAY?

We'll be moving out of our 2000 square foot house into a 1000 square foot apartment while we sell our house & decide on where our next one should be. Not just downsizing. Halfsizing. We'll have a lot in storage, but I'm kind of excited. When G and I first moved to NH, we rented a tiny 1.5 bedroom apartment. I could clean it top to bottom in less than an hour. I could vacuum the entire place without unplugging the vacuum cleaner! It was a life of leisure with free time for weekend adventures & projects. I'm not looking forward to leaving my beloved NH home behind, but as most big houses, she was a needy thing, and I am excited to get acquainted with her new, low maintenance, temporary replacement.

Pictures & stories are promised to follow! Stay tuned...


ginny said...

You need to change your heading to A girl and her sweet HUSBAND'S adventures through life!!

Amanda said...

This cracks me up- I love being able to clean in under a hour!