Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Table Runner Refashion

Ahhh, I'm a sucker for seer sucker. (Haha, sorry.) It's just so casual & coastal & beachy...all things I love. My Mom made these beautiful seer sucker table runners for my wedding. 

So after all was said & done, my mom had a stack of 15 of these bad boys. What to do with them all? I took a few home with me & the other day I got inspired to try my luck at a dress for my sweet niece Annabelle. I used the pillowcase dress tutorial found on Freshly Picked. The instructions were super easy, even a novice sewer such as myself didn't do too bad. I only had to sew the sides of my runner together, because of course I wasn't starting with a pillow case.

Not great pictures - our apartment is like a cave without sunlight, but you get the idea. 

I added the ruffle on the bottom as an afterthought. I actually sewed one panel on backwards, so my hem was showing. Oh well, necessity is the mother of invention. And added this sweet little flower for fun, which I made in about 5 minutes out of material from an old white t shirt.

Now who else wants one? There are 14 more up for grabs!


Amanda said...

I do! I do! :) I too am a sucker for seer sucker :) That came out super cute! AND I love the new blog look!

Danielle said...

For you? Or Bristol? :)

Amanda said...

Who knows maybe both - kidding- no matching outfits here. :)

michelle said...

So adorable!!! I wish my daughter was small again! Thanks for following me! I am your newest follower! You have an adorable blog!