Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disney Recap

So we're home from a great vacation and I'm having a little trouble getting back in the swing of things...
The break from the cold winter skies of Pennsylvania was great...
I wish I could have brought all the beds of flowers home with me!
Is there a TSA regulation against checking a thousand boxes of pansies on an airplane?
And as we were traveling through "Africa" in Animal Kingdom, I found these adorable little puffs. Loved them!

We met some furry friends...
And some not so furry ones...

Those of us without a baby in our belly rode some daredevil rides...and got a little soaked in the process!
Don't worry, I didn't mind staying high and dry. :)

And what trip to Disney would be complete without seeing a few characters?
Though they weren't all as "animated" as I thought they'd be...
...I was still quite impressed with these topiaries we found throughout the park.

We all had a great time. 
In fact, I loved the Magic Kingdom so much that I wanted to walk up to the front door of Cinderella's castle and see if there was room for one more.

Back to reality {and crafting!} tomorrow. 

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Ginny said...

Great pictures!! Love that you had such a great time!