Monday, March 14, 2011

Simple Solutions: A Large Area Rug on the Cheap

Our master bedroom here in our rental has beautiful hardwood floors. This I love. But I didn't love how cold the floors were on my bare feet in the morning. We needed an area rug to go underneath our bed.

I decided I wanted something roughly 10x12 feet so that it would fit under the bed and have a nice overhang on either side. There was just one problem. Area rugs this large are not cheap! And not to sound like a broken record, but when furnishing a temporary inexpensive is the answer to every problem.

So when walking through Home Depot, I spotted a bin of 6x9' shag area rugs for $29.99 each. They weren't the highest of quality, but really, who could pass up such a deal?

So we bought two, brought them home and duct taped them together!
You can hardly even see the seam in the middle, since it's basically hidden underneath the bed.
So for $60, we have a 9x12' area rug that does a great job of keeping my toes nice & toasty in the morning.
A simple solution to what could have been an expensive problem.


michelle said...

What a great idea! I love those rugs and since your bedroom is not high traffic I bet they will last a long time! My socks are the first thing I put on my piggies in the morning, we have bare floors too. :)

Kristina said...

You really are a genius.

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