Monday, August 6, 2012

A first

I have not posted in about a bajillion years. {Why do I feel like all my posts start like this?!} But there is something very extra special about this week that I felt compelled to scrounge up a few extra minutes to write this post.
My sweet baby is turning O-N-E. Yes, it deserves all caps. I always think that the first birthday is maybe the most special. I mean, she has to wait at least 12 years to reach another milestone birthday. {Eeek, let's not even think about the teenage years, ok?}
But first birthdays are also a celebration for the parents and all the family and friends that make taking care of a teeny tiny person possible. I truly believe it does take a village to raise a child.
{If only that village were in my house at 3 am every night. For nine months straight.}
But seriously there are so many people that have helped to make our lives as a family of three easier, and we want to celebrate with everyone about how sweet, smart, and special this little girl has become.
So next weekend we will celebrate with the most fabulous Strawberry Shortcake themed (for my little strawberry haired girl) party that I can manage to throw together. And in true D & G Stories style, it is totally DIY, crafty, and thrifty! Stay tuned for a few posts on party details and of course a party recap after the big day.... 

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Amanda said...

Cant wait to see pictures! I agree- we are still waiting for the "village" to show up at 12 and 3 and 4. Ha