Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding shoe perfection...almost

So I have had a vision of my wedding shoes since before G proposed (I had high hopes for you babe..wink). I mean, the shoes have always been more important to me than the dress. Seriously.  My perfection shoe vision has always included hot pink, which I perhaps not-so-coincidentally chose as one of our colors. My vision was working out quite nicely. Until I my first google search, after which I realized quite quickly that it was going to be more than an afternoon with the laptap to find a pair other than something resembling stripper shoes. But tonight I found these beauties (here):
The heavens opened up and I think I actually heard a little chorus of hallelujah playing over my head. They fit my vision to a T! (T strap? Ok..terrible pun.) If only I wasn't an amazon. (FYI, in Dani lingo amazon = being 5foot9inches tall). However, it is now my new quest to craft myself a pair similar out of less high strappy heals. Wish me luck, blog followers! And if you get any leads on pink strappy sub 3 inch heels, please send them my way.

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Amanda said...

Check out Made By Lex- she did a tutorial on shoes similar :)