Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Time is a funny thing isn't it? For instance, I'll share a funny story from my day.

I got out of work today a bit earlier than usual, and my drive home was filled with excitement of thoughts of all I could get done with my "extra" time in my day. However, this was squashed when I pulled into the driveway and realized both my house keys and wallet were nestled inside the house in my gym bag, not in my purse. I spent the next hour and a half on the phone with G (who is not-so-conveniently out of town) devising a plan of how to get into our house which I have so affluently demanded be more secure than the white house. The credit card swipe didn't work (thankfully for my own sanity), the idea of breaking the window was ruled out (as it's winter and replacing a window is not in my skillbook) so we settled on a locksmith. Ok, necessary sum it up, my "extra" time was shot, and when I finally got into the house, it was almost 7. Not that this was all that late, but my motivation went out the door with my $100 and the locksmith.

But I guess it wasn't a total loss. I spent the night planted comfortably on my couch, catching up on my girly DVR'd shows, and reading up on friends fabulous blogs (new favorite is A's craft central, here); which made me realize that I have my own blog which I've been neglecting. And this made me realize (yes, this strange string of events really is how my brain works...ha) that sometimes we get so caught up in "time" and using it wisely, that we neglect the lighter side of life.

So the moral of my story? Well I guess my point is, is that I need to hold myself accountable to spend more time "wasting" time. You may think that's easy to do, but for someone who has spent the last 3 months moving, packing, unpacking, renovating, planning, cleaning, there hasn't been much time left over to "waste". Whatever that may be...blogging, crafting, sewing...we'll see. But here I am! Stay tuned for more....

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Mom said...

What a valuable lesson. One that I wish I had learned a lot sooner. I still struggle with this. Nothing is more important than 'wasting time' with your family.