Saturday, February 11, 2012

And they wonder where I get it from...

Packages on your door step are one of life's great little pleasures.
Especially when they are wrapped in pretty red paper and tied with a sparkly bow.
And you get to tear open the paper..
But the best part about pretty red packages arriving on your door step is when it is made by your Grammie!
The next best part is probably the crinkly tissue paper inside.
But back to those new Valentine's outfits that Grammie made...
Can it get any cuter than a hot pink leopard & zebra dress? Maybe if you add a matching bib!
Or if you put that hot pink outfit on this little girl. She sure ups the cuteness factor! (But I'm a little biased...)
She also got a heart long sleeved tee.
Comfy & cozy. Perfect for playing with our newfound love...toes!
We sure did  love our pretty red Valentine's package! But come on, hot pink, zebra, leopard, hearts...what's not to love?!
 Kind of makes a girl want to shout out loud. "Thanks, Grammie!"

(Mama sure loved it too. Thanks Mom!)

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Mom said...

Those baby smiles are the best. So glad it fits and looks so cute on her. Happy Valentine's Day Gracie-We love you!!