Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gracie's Valentine's Outfit

I have always loved Valentines Day! In our house it's just a fun loving day and so I wanted to make Gracie girl a fun & playful outfit that was all about love too!

I love dressing Grace in soft stretchy clothes. She's such a squirmy little thing these days, I want her to be comfortable! So I made a knit top & matching leggings. I hit a few snags along the way, so read on to see my quick fixes. :)

I made the top a tunic length...not quite a dress, but longer than a shirt. This is really the perfect length for babies her age, I think. Shirts ride up, and dresses get caught when she's trying to crawl around. Tunic it is! 
 I used an old gray t-shirt of mine that was too short, and some pink knit that I had leftover from another project way long ago. The t-shirt was so super soft, so it was perfect.
I used my LBB sienna dress pattern, and just shortened it a bit. Added little gray cuffs, because I think it's way easier (and cuter) than hemming the sleeve bottoms! 

I love my LBB patterns, but for some reason, the neck got all hockey on this when I finished. See? It was big enough for my head to fit through! 
So instead of scraping the project, or worse...taking the neck off and redoing it, I folded the neck down and made a casing for elastic. It cinched it in while still allowing lots of stretch to get her wiggly head through. 
 I was originally inspired by the ruffled heart on this project from make it and love it. So cute right? But since I was racing the naptime clock, I decided to go the easier route and just make a simple ruffled heart.
I used my LBB lil leggings pattern and made some leggings to match. I didn't quite have enough fabric to make them long enough for my long legged baby, so I cheated a little. Can you guess what I did?
I used a "crocheted" headband as trim on the bottom!
I just cut the headband in half, and had two pieces that were the perfect length to add to the bottom of her leggings. I just sewed it on before I sewed up the leg seams. And this way you don't have to hem the bottom of the leggings. Not bad for a 67cent headband from Hobby Lobby! (You can also buy this type of stretchy trim at Hobby Lobby...but I'm not sure the price.)
I think she likes her new Valentine's Day outfit! And Mama likes that it was basically FREE!


Kristina said...

SO cute Dani!! The heart on the butt and the bottom of the leggings just kills me! And Gracie is getting cuter by the day!

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

All of these photos are just too adorable! The outfit, Gracie... She's lucky to have such a crafty mom!

Mom said...

Adorable and that last picture is the cutest!

Cathy said...

Such beautiful creativity!It certainly must run in the gene pool!Your mother must be very proud of the woman you have become!Thanks for sharing the pictures.Loves,Cathy