Friday, February 3, 2012

Superbowl: Patriots Party Dress

Being New England folks, born & raised, we sure do love our Patriots in this house!
Well, it's mainly my husband who loves them. Personally, I just like football for the guacamole & buffalo chicken dip. But I do love me some good team spirit.
And although our little Gracie girl will never be a New England gal born & raised, I'm pretty sure she's a Patriots fan too.
(I'd asked her, but she's not much of a talker these days.)
But fan or no fan, a new outfit makes the Superbowl that much more fun.
And ruffles make any more outfit that much more fun! (I might need a ruffle intervention...) But I mean really, how cute is a baby booty when covered in ruffles!
And some comfy knit leggings to keep those chubby little legs warm.
Add a homemade logo tee and we are all set for an afternoon of football, food, family friends & fun.
And while Greg has his eyes glued to the tv, I'm pretty sure mine will be on this little girl. But can you blame me?
Go Pats!!! We're rootin' for ya New England!

(I used peek-a-boo adele skirt for the ruffle skirt, & lil blue boo lil leggings for the leggings.)


Emily said...

Oh my! What cuteness!

Cindy Brown said...

The newest Patriot's fan! I love the outfit.

Mom said...

Absolutely adorable!! Can't believe you made the leggings also. Love the little bows and all the ruffle. And I'm probably a little biased about the model:)

Anonymous said...

Can u post a tutorial on this skirt.

D and G Stories said...

I didn't make the skirt from scratch, I used a pattern for the skirt that I purchased. Click on the peek a boo link above and it will take you to her shop where you can buy the tutorial! All her patterns are very thorough & easy to follow with lots of pictures! Good luck :)