Thursday, January 31, 2013

Repurpose a pilly tee

Do you have one of these shirts? The ones you buy at Target and just love because they are soft and comfy and only $8. I have a bunch. They are a staple in my mommy wardrobe. But when you wear and wash an $8 tee, it starts to get pilly after awhile. Which is to be expected because what do you expect for $8, but still a little discouraging all the same.
I hate throwing things out. Well, actually I love throwing things out since I hate clutter, but I hate throwing out something if it can be useful. Especially my old favorite tee. It's like a good friend that has seen me through many a mommy catastrophe. And I just love the gray and white stripes! I decided to repurpose it somehow.
I peaked inside the tee. See that fabric in there? It's perfectly pill free! Who knew?
I cut the shirt into two pieces so that I could use it to cut out a tunic for Gracie girl. I just turned the fabric over, so that what used to be the inside of the shirt was now the outside of the tunic.

And then I cut out my pattern and sewed up the tunic. 

I used some light pink knit from my stash, because I am just loving gray and pink as a color combo right now. But this woman's size small tee was plenty big enough to make a complete size 2T shirt.

If you want a great tutorial for making a raglan shirt, I used this tutorial from Craftiness is not Optional. It's a great one!
I just lengthened it a bit so it would fit more like a tunic and last a little longer for little miss perpetual growth spurt.
I added a bow at the collar. It hides the seam where I sewed the neckline together, and looks cute to boot. :)
Now Gracie has a soft and comfy new tunic, which actually looks new! 
And it was free.
Free is good!


Ajaire said...

I'm loving grey and pink now too. Such a cute shirt!

Monica said...

Love it. What a sweet little model you have! I love stripes too, and the gray and pink combo is so soft and sweet. I love how you did this with an old shirt, those $8 Target tees just got even MORE appealing!