Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Felt Rosette Wreath

This was a Christmas present that I made for my Mom, but would make a super cute Valentines Day wreath!
Start with a $4.00 grapevine wreathe. Then make about a bajillion felt rosettes. Ok, not that many, but I did use probably 30 or so. I used all white roses and I also cut a few leaves out of green felt. Felt at my craft store was on sale, so I spent about $1.00 on all the felt!

These little buggers aren't hard to make, but here is an excellent tutorial from another blog, Mrs Priss, to get you started.
Then just hot glue em on wherever your little heart desires.

Finally, I added a piece of burlap at the top & a cream ribbon tied in a bow to hang it on the wall with.

Use red and pink felt for a super cute Valentines Day wreath! Or pastels for Easter! Or whatever your little heart desires. At less than $5.00 per wreath...make one per holiday!


michelle said...

That is so cute! I love grapevine wreaths and these little roses are adorable! Love, love!!

Ginny said...

Mom Loves,Loves,Loves this. It is hanging in my room-the colors are perfect. Love it and YOU!

Anonymous said...

I love felt wreaths! I have a few+ in the works right as I type this :)
Ps, I'm your newest follower. Hooray!
~Angel @

Brittany. said...

i made some! check it out at my blog.

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I just love this wreath! Love it so much I pinned it too ...