Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Traveling Office Box

The husband and I don't have a designated office space here in our house. With Baby G's nursery, a guest room & craft room, our two spare bedrooms are pretty maxed out. {Craft room space is non negotiable! :)}
So I created a traveling office box.

I picked up a fabric box at Home Depot for $5. Inside, I keep two accordian file folders and a desk organizer which holds our checkbooks, pens, post its, stamps and envelopes.
The folders hold all of our papers that I need to access regularly. There is a slot for unpaid bills, one for paid bills, insurance info, bank statements, etc. Greg and I each have a slot too. I even have slots for coupons and take out menus.
I love that when the mail comes, I can easily sort through it all, put it in the appropriate folder and know that our important documents are not going to get lost in the "shuffle." Sometimes if I'm in a hurry, I just throw the papers into this box to sort through at another time.

The file folders and desk organizer tuck perfectly inside.
I keep the box on the shelf in our laundry room. Out of the way, but easily accessible.
When it's time to pay bills, I can easily bring the box over to the table and know that I have everything that I need right in the box! {Anything to make paying bills easier!}  
If I need a document, it's right at my fingertips. The box has basically eliminated paper clutter in our home! 

If you're in need of some office organization and don't have a designated an office space...
create your own traveling office box and watch your mail and paper clutter 
{and maybe even a little stress!} 


Abellina said...

what do you do with paper overflow? you must have more old records and papers of that type?

at work i've started scanning most documents and throwing away the hard copy to save on paper clutter.

D and G Stories said...

We have a small file cabinet in an upstairs closet. I keep about 3 months worth of paid bills in the accordion file, in case there is ever a discrepancy. Any other paper overflow gets filed in the file cabinet. :)

Kaleena said...

I love that you label things the same way still...Its so neat and organized I love it !

Anonymous said...

Love your organization!