Friday, February 11, 2011

A Minnie LBB Dress

I have two very exciting things to share in this post.
1. After living a life of deprivation for 29 years, I'll finally be making my first visit ever to Disneyworld in a few weeks! I've never been and I know, it's a crying shame. Greg and I are headed down for some fun in the sun with his sister & brother in law & their kiddos.

on to exciting thing #2...
2. My dear friend Amanda sent me a little present the other day. The Lil Blue Boo Sienna dress pattern. If you have never heard of LBB, you are living under a crafting rock. Sorry, but's a great concept where the owner, Ashley takes thrifted tees and upcycles them into adorable attire for little girls. You can buy her Sienna dress & other patterns here.

So how are these two exciting things related?

I decided that I needed to try the pattern out, and what better way than to make our dress-loving-niece Alexa a Disney dress!

I wasn't sure exactly what kind of Disney dress I would make 
but when I found this vintage looking tee at Target for $3.00, 
I knew it had to be Minnie! 
She even has sparkles on her hat, dress & shoes. Adorable, right!

The dress was made to fit a size 6. The tee I bought was a girls XL, and ended up being the perfect width for the size 6 dress. Which meant no side seams. 

How perfect is that? 

I combined Minnie with a t-shirt & some extra fabric I had in my stash, and came up with this in the end:

The blue striped section on the bottom was the bottom of an adult shirt that happened to be the perfect size. Which is awesome because less work for me-no side seems or bottom to hem! I added the little rick-rack to the bottom edge to give it a little more whimsy. It looks a bit wonky in the picture, but I promise it looks better in real life.

If you haven't already ditched this post to buy your own LBB pattern, let me talk you into it a little more. The pattern was very easy to follow, lots of pictures, and great tips for sewing with knits without a serger! (Perfect for those, like me, that have serger envy.)

The fact that these dresses are mainly recycled is pretty awesome in itself. Being green sure makes me feel good! But add to that that I made this dress for $3, and you put this girl in the happiest place on earth.


michelle said...

That is so adorable!!! I love the colors that you chose and how exciting for you!! DISNEYWORLD!!!!! I went when I was 6 and couldn't ride much back then, that was 31 years ago and they so didn't have the cool stuff they have now! Have fun!! Look at all this exciting stuff happening in your life!! :) Hugs!

Ginny said...

Love the dress-it looks like you bought it (not like you made it!) I know there is a little girl who is going to love it!

ourgrowingfamily said...

Ahhh! I love it and Alexa sure will too!! Thank-you.

PaisleyJade said...

This is so sweet - love it!!