Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flip Flop Party Favors

Moving right along with birthdays...our niece Alexa is hosting her 6th birthday party this weekend! She chose to have a "flip flop" themed party. First of all, how cute is that? I love it. Her mama recruited me to make some party favors for the lucky little girls attending.
I started with Old Navy flip flops in pink & purple. A steal at $2.50 per pair.
I made the bows out of ribbon...a purple or pink polka dot bow and a "flip flop" printed ribbon bow on top. 
The entire bow is held together with a thin ribbon tied through a button. And a bit of hot glue for reinforcement.
I glued the bows onto the flip flops with GOOP, and held them down with clips during drying. They seemed to be pretty firmly attached when they were dry.
We'll see how well they hold up to a group of dancing, twirling, partying 6 year olds!


Anonymous said...

First of all.. great theme! Second.. those are super cute. I love the idea.

Brittany. said...

love the flip flop ribbon. adorable!

ginny said...

I think these are sooo cute. I also love the flip flop ribbon and as usual very cost friendly and a great idea!!

michelle said...

How cute are these!! What a great idea! What a fun party and I am so glad that they loved them! :)

I hope you are doing well!
Hugs to you!!

Ryann's Mommy said...

In June Old Navy has their Flip Flop Sale where you can get them for $1.00 each!