Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Kindle Case for Mom

My mother gave me an ever so subtle hint a few months ago that she'd like a kindle case for Mother's Day. It's a good thing she's incredibly patient, since she just received it in the mail. Better late than never right?
I looked at a bunch of tutorials online on making a simple "envelope" style case, but being a glutton for punishment, I decided this one needed a zipper closure instead...
And piping accent trim...
And if you look closely, you can see that on one side, I goofed up a bit while sewing in the piping. I didn't get the seam close enough to the cord of the piping, so it left a gap between the piping and the side seam. Instead of ripping out the seam and re-sewing the piping in closer (ugh) I decided to add a "tab" over that gap. It kinda looks like I meant to do that, right? Kinda?!
I also wanted to use quilted fabric for the lining. But do you know how much quilted fabric is? Like $20 per yard. Eeek! So I made my own, which although time-consuming, is much cheaper, easy to do, and you can use cute, coordinating fabric!
And finally, I made some crushed fabric flowers and a couple embroidered felt leaves to pretty up the outside.

Phew. Needless to say, there was a steep learning curve for me with this project. It was only the 2nd zipper I had ever sewn, my 2nd time using piping, and my first time quilting my own fabric. But I like how it turned out...and it was time well spent for my dear Mama!

I used the following tutorials extensively throughout this project...taking tips from each one. Even if you don't need a kindle case, you can use these tutorials to make great zippered pouches for all sorts of things!
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Ginny said...

This Mama LOVES her gift!! I'm impressed with your sewing skills, and I love your fabric selection and the flowers are the perfect finishing touch. Did I mention that I love the flowers-Thanks Sweetie

Anonymous said...

You are quite amazing with a sewing machine. You should seriously sell on ETSY!