Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lemonade Yogurt Cupcakes

When life hands you lemons, make cupcakes!
Being that there are only two people in my household, anything I bake is inevitably eaten by either myself or Greg. And we all know that a batch of cookies or cupcakes means at least 12 to 24 treats going down the hatch. All pregnant jokes aside, I have no business eating 24 cupcakes. What's a girl to do?

Lemonade Yogurt Cupcakes!

This was a little experiment I did. The idea is very simple. (Which if you know my baking skills, is my kind of baking project!) 

1. Start with any white cake mix. Add the water & egg whites as directed.
2. Substitute fat free lemon greek yogurt equally for the oil. (I have an ongoing love affair with Chobani so that's what I recommend...but you can use whatever brand you'd like.)
3. Add in the zest of one half to one whole lemon...depending on how lemony you like things.
4. Mix and bake as directed.

When they were cooled I glazed them with this Lemon Yogurt Glaze recipe
Why can't anything I bake look this pretty?
The cupcakes were not as light and fluffy as traditional cupcakes are...they were more like pound cake. But they were definitely husband approved. And for an essentially fat free & cholesterol free cupcake...I was willing to sacrifice a little fluff in order to indulge guilt free!


ginny said...

I love lemon and I love Chobani-I'm going to try these. Thanks for the idea!!

Amanda said...

Great idea! Ill have to try it! :)

michelle said...

These look so good!!!! Thank you for the recipe!
Have a great weekend sweetie!!