Monday, October 25, 2010

Easy As Apple Pie

I've never been much of a baker. I love to cook, but baking is a tad too exact for me. I'm a little of this & a little of that kind of cook.

But this weekend G & I were at the farmer's market buying pumpkins, and while waiting in line next to the table of apples he decided we needed a bag. BIG bag. I had to do something. I'm too cheap thrifty to let those apples go to waste! So I rolled up my sleeves (not was a warm 72 degrees outside today!) and got to work.

But wait? How do you make an apple pie? I don't know. I've never made one before. But thanks to my bff google, now I do. I used this recipe for the crust & this recipe for the filling. 

And then this came out of the oven.

I asked my husband what he thought of my first apple pie attempt...
But he was too distracted to reply.

I guess I'll assume that's a win for the wifey. 


ginny said...

He looks like he is in apple pie heaven!! The pie looks amazing for a first attempt! Kudos Dani! I'm proud of you:)

michelle said...

I would take that as a win as well!! :) Nice job on the first pie!! It looks really delicious!