Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Everyday Princess Collection - Part I

My niece Annabelle might be the cutest little thing on the planet.

I call her Belly. A teeny little thing. BIG personality. A girly girl. She loves pink & princesses. My favorite thing about Christmas is buying her presents. Is that bad? (I'm kidding...kind of.) Don't tell her brothers.

Being a lover of all things Princesses myself, I decided I wanted to make her some princess dresses. I stumbled upon this princess dress up dress tutorial, from over at Crafterhours in my bloggy travels. What a great idea! A dress up dress using comfy knit fabrics. Except I wanted this to be an everyday dress. A school to playground to the grocery store to soccer practice dress. Because really...the point of clothes is to show them off.

So I streamlined the idea into what turned into this dress!

Forgive my terrible pictures...its hard to take pictures in our cave, err...apartment.

The construction was pretty easy. First, I found this Ringer Shirt tutorial, also from Crafterhours. I added to the bottom this Circle Skirt tutorial from Made. (Left out the elastic).

I had a lot of knit fabric leftover from when I made Halloween costumes for my other {equally as adorable} nieces (which I would link to, but still need to blog about...oops). So this was a next to no $ dress! I did buy the yellow knit. Which turned out to be pretty thin. To avoid an "I see London, I see France" playground singalong at sweet little Belly's expense, I decided to add a white knit layer underneath. Which conveniently, mens XL white undershirts work great! (Note to husband new undershirts for Christmas.)

Which Princess will be next?! 
I do have a yard of that yellow knit left...hmmmm....
Stay tuned!


ginny said...

I envy your creativity! You have so much-this is so adorable and I can't wait to see it on Belly. I'm eagerly awaiting pics of creations for the other nieces and the next princess dress.

michelle said...

That turned out amazing!! What a lucky little niece you have, she is going to love it!! Very creative!!! Can't wait until part 2!