Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the move...yes, again.

We move. A lot. I originally entitled my blog "The Slightly Nomadic Lives of D & G". I changed it because it was a bit long and not so catchy. Not because it lacked truth. Trust me, we are basically professional movers.

If you recall from this post, 3 months ago we moved 600 miles to Pennsylvania into a rental while waiting for our house to sell. No, we haven't sold our house. (Thank you recession!)
So why are we moving again would you ask?

Maybe it's because I fear for my life when opening the pots and pans cabinet...

And that I've ultimately given up the battle of trying to get the door to close...

Or because my only option for over the cabinet decorating is from Sams Club? (Don't you just love that hideous fluorescent light? Why they still insist on putting those in houses is beyond me!)

Or maybe because our wedding gifts are lonely out here in our storage closet, all sad & bored in their original packaging. (Doesn't that boxed up Kitchenaid make you just weep with pity?!)

It could be because our second bathroom bathtub is doubling as a closet. (Convenient if you need to wrap a gift while showering!)

And if I was tech savvy enough, I would upload a sound clip of the barking dog upstairs and her loud voiced owners. But alas, I am not, so you will have to take my word on that one. ;)

So yes...the pain of packing and unpacking is still fresh in my mind from the LAST move...but it will all be worth it for a bigger place, more storage and no unruly upstairs neighbors. I need a normal sized kitchen. I need organization. I need order. I need to give that beautiful new Kitchenaid a home on my counter.

It will still be a rental, but it will be home. No more barking dogs. Just G, me & the Kitchenaid.


michelle said...

Oh you poor thing! We had that in our first house, it was small and all our wedding things had no home! I a mso glad that you get a bigger space and will get rid of unwanted noises!!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

I totally understand! I hope the new place is much better for you:)

ginny said...

Love the chairs-so clever-and now beautiful! Also happy you get to settle into a place that is better:)